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GOP Chair Violates Financial Disclosure

November 21, 1995
By: Karen Fogg
State Capital Bureau

State Republican Chair and MU Curator Woody Cozad may owe two-thousand dollars for failing to file his personal finances with the Missouri Ethics Commission. Karen Fogg reports from Jefferson City.

Missouri law requires all members of the MU Board of curators to file a financial disclosure statement every year. The Ethics commission recieved Woody Cozad's statement on November 17th--200 days after the May first deadline. Cozad says it was simply an oversight.

Actuality: Cozad
Contents: [94K WAV file - GOP chair charges Dems. are making politics of his delay in filing his financial disclosure.]
Cozad says the Democrats are making a big deal out something minor. He doesn't agree that the law calls for any fines.

Richard Martin, the Executuve Director of the State Democratic Party asks why Cozad has been able to remember to file in the past four years, and suddenly forgets this year.

Contents: [169K WAV file - Dem. Exec. Dir. charges GOP chair owes a fine for late filing of financial disclosure report.]
Martin says Cozad owes an explanation along with the two thousand dollar fine.

From Jefferson City, I'm Karen Fogg.

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